Sunday, January 12, 2020

HR Stuff 'n Stuff

No, I don't know anything about the ye olde children's television program with a similar name. I do believe I recall my younger siblings watching that program on mornings when I was required by law to trudge off to the salt mines of school. It was so unfair. They got to stay home and watch tee-vee. I had to go knock down an educational paycheck.


I think I want the HR up there to stand for Hard Resilience. Hard as in difficult. Resilience as in the ability to rebound from deformation. You know my musings on the subject. Unless you're new here. In my estimation, we're only here a short while. We can relish the experience -- including all the ups and downs -- or we can whine and feel victimized. There are many paths to those places. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I prefer to embrace the suck, suck it up and drive on, and relish. That's just me.


Today I'm flirting with blogging disaster. I shot a shitload of video and a handful of stills this morning. So I'm probably going to post too many non-edited and unprofessional videos. We'll see. Don't feel like you have to watch them all.


Challenge. One mile of glacier tromping.

Background. My last dedicated workout was June 29, 2019, the day before I took a canyon tumble and started having lots of hip pain, which I thought was a hip problem. Over time and "doctoring" I found that I've got nerve impingement in the nerve roots associated with my lumbar area. We've tried steroid injections and they've been helpful but the problem appears to be intractable without surgery. The process of gaining approval for neurosurgical consultation has dragged on for many months but it looks like that will happen in the near future. So, since June 29 I have not worked out. I have also not moderated my caloric intake, so I've gained a lot of idle weight. My daily chores include a average of five walking miles, which is good, but is not working out.

Can I do a mile of glacier tromping? (The glaciers I refer to are snow drifts which have been compressed by sun and wind and gravity into mostly ice.) I don't know. Let's find out.

I didn't die in the first eighth mile.

Trying to manipulate the camera in bright sun with darkened glasses was tricky. But I was having fun!

Scrambling up and down the irregular drifts is hard work. Some of the snow is still squishy, which makes it like walking in wet beach sand. Good for a workout. Some of the snow is a few microns of dust over hard and slippery ice. So me fall down go boom. Multiple times. That's good too. Olden people are better off if they fall a lot. It's a good workout, good for balance, good for using seldom used muscles, and it banishes the fall fear which can just ruin life enjoyment.

Cheating man's rest break. Enjoying the scenery, contemplating getting into the illegal gin manufacturing trade, and some relishing the moment.

A demonstration of how a crazy old fat coot charges across glaciated snow. For certain values of "charges."

Long rambling justification of doing stupid glacier crawling.

Glacier striding with a complete and encyclopaedic explanation of the last 15,000 years. Or something like that.

Snapshot (snapvideo?) of nature's wonder. All three phases of dihydrogen monooxide on display here, though you can really only see two of them.

Atop the highest peak of the glacier.

I just keep videoing beauty (and blabbering).

Halfway point. Sick of this shit yet?

Slogging good cardio with psychotic commentary.

Pushing hard.

Last push. Awesome with extra awesome sauce.

Butt wait, there's more! Visit to the Old Man's resting (kinda) place.

The old mummified bullsnake.

And how 'bout a hand for hshawjr, who surely didn't intend to but provided prizackly the the boot in the arse I needed today to get back out and start properly relishing and embracing. Stop by his place if you're a mind to.

Be well and enjoy the blessings of liberty. 


  1. I live in Wisconsin's unglaciated zone, so it's mesas to the left of me,mesas to the right!
    Gonna do my taxes tonight, so my refund come s, and I can wallow in cigarettes, and whiskey, and wild, wild women.

    Or, maybe but a drill press, and a Government Model. One set, or the other.

    1. Lots of promise in those plans. And no real advantage I can see to pacing yourself. Go with all three!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Scott!

  2. Glacier crawling, been there done that. I suppose I should tell the tale someday of whacking myself in the forehead with a pickax whilst walking uphill on ice. That was interesting. Thick hat, thick skull, used the side of the pickax not the pointy end, so I had that going for me.

    As a last resting place, that's a good one. Better than most I would think.

    Red doesn't look like she broke a sweat, she looks back and says, "Come on hoo-man, we're not done yet!"

    Great post, as always. 😁

    1. I'll look forward to that tale!

      Yeah, he picked a good spot.

      Red's in great shape. I'm almost in not terrible shape. Red's a good coach and I'm coachable. For certain values of coachable.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sarge!

  3. Thank you for the shout out and nope I didn't intend to provide the prizackly the the boot in the arse, but I am glad you got outside and it sounds like worked the old body and bellows pretty good. It also looks like you might have enjoyed it more than you let on by the videos and photos. :-)

    1. You're welcome Chief. It was a good gallop and got my mind right. Depending on weather conditions, I'd like to summit a Zulu ridge tomorrow.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!