Friday, January 17, 2020

Getting my mind right

That bad eh?

Yeah, yesterday's post sucked. Yesterday was not a good writing or posting day. The spark really wasn't there. I probably should have punted, but I did not.

Certainly not the first time I've expostulated when I should have sat quietly with my cake 'ole shut and my hands in my lap.

Why I once remonstrated myself directly from a tiny ass chewing to Captain's Mast! I got skills, baby!

Perhaps the lesson didn't stick.


I did sleep awesome-goodly last night. Wednesday night I guess. Always a plus.


This morning I did some side-by-side comparisons with the new camera and the trusty old but micro-pitted canon. I also did three (I think) comparisons which included the phone.

They weren't rigorous trials mind you. I held the canon next to the new one to compare ride-along video quality. The new one is firmly fixed in a mount, and hand-holding the canon meant sliding and wobble and even a canted angle. Also the canon isn't locked in a soundproof box so I can get sound on it but not on the new one. I'll keep fiddling. I decided not to bore you with highway driving or hill climbing comparisons. They're on my dumpster fire u2b channel if you're into that kind of torture.

County road into south unit, akaso:

County road into south unit, canon:

Isandlwana ridge and glacier. Kind of a January look today.

Little Bluestem. Go figure.

The only reason this balloon fragment remains is its tether is wrapped around barbwire.

Those stills were shot with the canon.

Chicken fail with phone; amusing but possibly only to me:

Chicken phone:

Chicken canon:

Chicken akaso:

Now the good stuff!

Before we start with the videos of my incredible feats of manly prowess, please pay no attention to anything I say in the videos having anything to do with numbers, counting, or (horrors!) addition and subtraction. Couldn't pull the math off today. Not with this equipment.

Akaso hand held:

Canon hand held:

Phone hand held:

Post gully one:


For the record (as best I can do with this equipment) I did one gully-and-back with the akaso, one with the canon, one with the phone, and four with no recording whatsoever. That makes seven gully over-and-backs. My watch credited me with 14 floors, and in settings on the watch I made the vertical value of a "floor" 22 feet. What the actual up and down value for each gully crossing is I don't know. I'll measure it on a nicer day. I'd guess 30 down and 30 feet up on each side is about right.

Red was right. "Too much blah-blah."

So what have we learned today (besides the fact that I can't count, add, subtract, measure, speak clearly, or tell time)?

It looks and sounds to me like all three platforms make video and are bothered by wind noise. I was slightly surprised to have less wind noise problem today than I expected across all three. Without a doubt the new camera image and sound quality is not as good as the canon and the phone. Makes sense really, as the camera cost $800 and the phone cost $800 while the new camera cost $60. So maybe I'll have to buy a gopro. I'll play with the ahchoo a bit more but I'm pretty disappointed. With myself, not the camera. I was expecting Porche for VW price. Spring hopes eternal in the mind of the moron.

I did enjoy the hell out of those gully dashes. Better exercise (if less convenient) than running underpass stairs.

Be well and enjoy the blessings of liberty.


  1. Sounds like a GoPro is in your future, sometimes the VWs work out, but most of the time, it seems as though the higher end stuff holds it value longer and does more of what you want them too. Running outside in the "wilds" is better for the body and soul if you ask me, but it is also harder on the ankles, knees and ego at times. :-)

    1. It's a lesson I seem to be unafraid to learn over and over. It's not a bad little camera for the price, just not what I was hoping for.

      I love the outside stuff. So far my ankles and knees are up to the task, and my ego is used to falling down with the rest of me. I have a theory tat old codgers like me should fall down every day. It's hard to be afraid of the familiar, getting back up is a good mobility exercise, and sometimes you find pocket change and old tools down there on the ground.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Chief!

  2. Favorite moment of late:

    Shaun: "Experiment two..."

    Chicken: "Er-er-er!!"

    Shaun: "Asshole..."

    Damned near choked on a Tic-Tac on that. Hysterical.

    Truthfully, the cell phone video isn't bad at all, just problematic having to hold it in hand all the time.

    Wind noise - remember the old video cameras back in the day with the external mic with the foam around it? That seemed to help. Of course, in these modern times it's all so compact.

    Personally I don't mind the wind noise on your videos, reminds us we're out there on the Great Plains. Nature can be noisy at times!

    (BTW, "sucks" is such a harsh word, I liked yesterday's post, just wasn't up to commenting on it. I get lazy sometimes...)

    1. The boogie translate tells me that "er-er-eerrr" in chicken means "poopyhead!" So, you know. I escalated. Probably should have marked that one as NSFTT.

      I have some fake rabbit skin that works pretty well when I glue it over the mic slot on the canon. I could do the same for my phone because that just a pinhole and I'd be gluing to the armored case and not the phone itself. The new camera is the size of a matchbox. well, two matchboxes. 2 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 7/8". The slits over the external mic are very tiny but in a good location for rabbiting, except then it won't fit in the case. So, still fiddling.

      I also just found and ordered a head and chest mount for the phone which will (I think) fit the new camera. We'll see if this vw turns into a porche.

      Thanks for the kind words, but it was a pretty weak post. Well, done is done.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sarge!

  3. As delighted as we are to hear your insights, sea stories, agricultural enlightenment and assorted rants, our free subscription does not guarantee we are entitled to one every day. In fact, we have been loyal admirers when the muse has been goofing off for weeks or months at a time. You owe us nothing. Not an apology, nor an excuse nor any explanation is needed or expected.
    So, if some days just don't meet your personal standard for whatever reason, or Nona wants you to play ball instead of doing that computer geeky stuff, we understand, and will be back when you are.

    On that wilderness workout stuff- just be sure you have comms gear on your person, so if you do go down with some immobilizing injury, friends can find you before the snakes, coyotes and buzzards have their fill. We would be unhappy then!
    John Blackshoe

    1. Maybe I'm a little OCD. Thanks for the encouragement and the kind reassurances.

      I've always got comms and I'm good at falling. My adventuring is about as low risk as you can get.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting John!

  4. Liked the phone best.
    Cussing at chickens is a time honored past time in rural America, keep up the good work!
    Working out, outside is the best IMHO.
    Love the ride alongs.
    Could we setup a go fund me for a new windshield, so our windshield time is a little clearer? lol!

    1. Thanks Brig. The phone does the best job all around. And the chickens would be terrified if I didn't cuss. Outside working out is by far superior to any other form, and even more superiorer than the recreational pharmaceuticals.

      The windshield is in the works. The best auto glass guy in town is semi-retired and a big nfl guy. Probably have the new glass the day after the superbowl. I just hope they haven't moved it into March already...

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!