Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Cows do what cows do

And so it begins. 😊


One of the great joys in my life is the frequent surprises. When I go to work in the morning (it's always morning o'clock somewhere) I don't groundhog day myself into the same commute-cubicle-commute cycle. My days often rhyme, but they never repeat. Not even close.

This means surprises are not infrequent. And while sometimes they are inconvenient and even vexing, they always bring the joy of livin' to the party.

This morning I immediately noticed a slight major problem surprise.

Then it was time for a little hillside cattle handlin'.

Followed by fixin' the fence.


Later on I spent a good bit of the day with the kids. As usual they wore me plumb out. But in a good way! We had lots of adventures including a lovely scooter crash. Sissy really put on a show over protecting Brother. Then she danced!

After that we introduced the Cousin's Beagle Odin to Tommy. They had a grand time. In the middle of that one of the neighborhood kids climbed over the fence to join in the festivities.

Eventually we played all the play out of the day and the neighbor girl introduced the little one to the concept of "no boys allowed." It hurt brother's feelings, but I 'splained to him that sometimes girls do that. And hinted that there was nothing preventing him from making a sign himself.

And now that it's nearly 10 p.m. it's time for me to post this up and hit the hay.


Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.



  1. Of COURSE the cow & calf will start out heading the wrong way. This is the point where my dad would have looked at them and said "You're almost human."

    1. They can seem almost human enough that if I'm not careful I work with them as if they are almost human. That's where my "own-goals" get started. In this case they were more comfortable heading toward the other cows than they were in turning left toward the gate. Among other things. All told It was relatively good cowmanship on my part as well as an opportunity to learn a new lesson. All in all a beautiful thing.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Frank!