Friday, July 1, 2022

Morning garden update

Good morning to all of you kind readers. Hope this finds you well. It's been busy here in Nebraska on several fronts. I'll get into details (yeah right!) at some point, but not today. Everyone is well, kids are super, ranch work is a challenge, and I've installed a garden.

Today I'm thinking about how I can improve myself morally and ethically. We're all facing some unique times and interesting challenges. I can't do anything about those things. I have zero control over the rest of the ape-lizards on the planet. I do have control over myself.

When I'm hurt and angry about various ape-lizard behaviors, I have a choice. I can be mad at them and think of them as "those people," or I can remind myself that they are human beings in exactly the same way I am a human being. I can have empathy for their plight because their plight is much the same as my plight. I can love them as I love myself. I can be a reasoned grownup or I can be an old man yelling at Pronghorn.

So what do I do?

I can do the proper and correct work or I can do the destructive shit work.

Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. Good points but I will continue to yell at Pronghorns running in front of my car.

    1. Yeah, they're good at that! Thanks for stopping by Frank!

  2. Enjoyed the garden tour. Reminds us city folks that food does not just appear at the local Whole Foods or Walmart produce aisle on its own.

    Looking forward to ranch updates- Chickens- we have not seen chickens in a long time! Water troughs level and not leaking? Thistles under control? Tenant's cows behaving? Fences holding up? And is your back continuing to feel as good as immediately post-op?

    Kids look really great in that photo, and that's the important part for their future. Let the adults do whatever with whatever they control. We know you will look out for the greater good of all concerned, although not everyone may be playing with the same goals and rules. Take pride in all that you do which is good and right, repent for whatever fails to meet your high standards and move on.

    Holler at antelopes if you like (preferably when no other people are around). Or, tell us more about those antelopes. I see a lot in Wyoming,but only a few in western Nebraska.

    May we all enjoy a glorious Independence Day, and remember what it is all about, and those great men who gave it to us, and the thousands of non-famous men (and their families) who served and suffered to make our declared independence a reality from the most powerful nation on earth at that time. Remember, only about a third of the population fought for independence. About a third were loyalists opposing it. And the remaining third didn't care or were too immersed in survival and subsistence on the hostile frontiers to be involved.
    John Blackshoe

    1. A garden is always a lot of fun, especially if I can trick my mind into thinking work=fun. Ranch stuff is all good, which is to be expected when nature runs the show. For my part, the ongoing chores are old, familiar friends. The chickens are still chickening though the herd is thinning out. The back is awesome. It's a new point of morning soreness and stiffness but the nerve pain is all gone and I work through the stiff and sore with only a little bit of grumbling. As for antelope, I've got a vid or two from last year to put up. As for the Glorious Fourth, I'll celebrate most of all in my heart.

      Thanks for stopping by and for such a great comment John!

  3. I never did get any garden planted this year. My experiences have been that I have missed the harvests, and someone else has benefitted from fruits of my labors and purchases. I guess if MB and I stayed home that wouldn’t happen.
    My behavior and attitude is all that I may control, and the behavior is easier. I try to keep my side of the street clean.
    Good luck with your garden and keep lovin’ those kids. They look happy.

    1. Gardens are always fun in concept, but not always in reality. Sometimes nature decides to shred them with hail. It's a journey, I guess. And a bit of a learning experience for the kids. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Skip!