Friday, July 22, 2022

Royals, slime and spiders

"See if you can guess," said the message from my Herefordshire farming friend, "who the lady holding the bouquet is."

So. Evidence. Message is from Great Britain. Lady wearing that style of dress and sensible shoes, holding a bouquet, surrounded by a small group that looks like English Gentry. Gotta be a Royal.

Other than The Queen, I have no real idea who the Royals are or how the whole thing works. But for some reason I knew that she was Princess Anne. My farmer friend added, "She was on her way back from the Royal Welsh Show which is being held for first time since Covid. Someone got her to come and open a building they had built for foreign visitors, and as a neighbour and friend I was invited along."


I got a recipe for slime from one of the ewww!toobe mom channels I follow. If that isn't an odd sentence for a Naval Air Cowman to blog up and post, I don't know what is. Which feels like a pretty cool thing for some reason. Anyway...

They had a great deal of fun making their own slime. Which lasted about 20 minutes. Then the boy was off the play minecraft, whatever that is, with big brother. And the little one wanted to go outside and play with daddy longlegs.

I get such enjoyment from adventuring with the littles. When they're not being grumpy or recalcitrant their open minded curiosity is delightful, and reminds me of the old saying that grownups should strive to be childlike and fight against being childish.

Sometimes I pull it off. It almost always takes an assist from these precious miniature ape-lizards. When I put these things in a reasonable context, the concept of blessed seems far too small and insignificant.



Be well and embrace the blessings of liberty.


  1. Good kids- a reflection on those around them. A great legacy all can be proud of... as long as they stay on course.
    No need to share your secret slime recipe from sickbay, mixed with hydraulic leakage etc.

    First pic sure is a "veddy British" looking bunch. Gentlemen all have properly shined leather shoes.
    Since you identified her, Anne does have a strong resemblance to her most admirable Mum. Speaking of admirables, I checked Wiki to find our more about Anne, since my knowledge of Royals is scant indeed. I knew who Diana was, and I know about horrible Harry (although his marriage choice is execrable, he proved his bravery and abilities as a warrior in Afghanistan, so I do not begrudge him his occasional very bad choices.) But, Anne is indeed a fascinating woman. Besides being admirable, she also holds the rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy since 2012, having risen from Rear Admiral in 1993. Her present husband, whom she married immediately after divorcing number One in 1992 ended up retiring from the Royal Navy as a Vice Admiral himself.
    John Blackshoe

    1. I thought about sharing the recipe, but then I thought about sharing the recipe.
      They're awesome little ape-lizards, but just like every other ape-lizard they hold the keys to their decisions. They've had rough patches that other kids have not, but they aren't alone in this either.
      That's interesting information on Princess Anne, information I knew nothing about. Rising to high rank in the naval service is quite an accomplishment. Whether it means what I think it means is an interesting question. Rather a moot point as my thoughts are entirely uninformed opinion. It somewhat amusing though that I can't swing a cat in here without bumping into the naval service!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting John!

  2. In the past, when we have traveled across the mid-continent, I have seen fields of sunflowers.
    This time there were none.
    In fact, I haven't seen any growing in California's Sacramento Valley, either.
    Just sayin'.

    1. I don't know about anywhere else, but around here seasonal development of most plants seems delayed by a week or two this year. Our sunflowers are starting to come along and I suspect we'll see a lot of them before hard freeze arrives 'ere long.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Skip!