Tuesday, January 20, 2015

'86, frustrations and fun

I'm pulling my hair out a bit. I'm working on a post that shouldn't be that hard to write. I'm slowly getting the upper hand, but it's complicated. If I'm up to the task, none of the hair-pulling complications will show. I think I can pull it off. I also think I'm trying to hard just now and it's time to put it away and rax.

"Dreams" was a smokin' cool vid in '86, and this is a very clean copy for the interwebs.

I don't think the Blues ever flew a better jet.

A-4 Super Fox. Weight: 11,300 lbs. J52-P408. Thrust: 11,200 lbs.

Do. The. Math.

Go ahead and punch it up to full screen.

Van Halen-Dreams (Blue Angels) from Max Martin on Vimeo.

VFC-13 bonus clip

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