Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guess it's video day...

I'm trapped in my office in the courthouse today. I serve as the part time veterans service officer for the county. Takes about 12 hours out of my week. It's a job that needs doing, and really, it needs doing by someone other than me. If you're interested give me a call or shoot me an email. Very little pay and no benefits, but the hours suck. But I digress.

The VA system is down again, so while I was waiting to upload a new claim, well, stuff happened.

This may be my fave F-14 video. Good music. Every bit as good for a naval aviation video as Van Halen's Dreams. Australian band, too. But now back to work...


  1. Seems like you are where you are needed re: the Vets service officer job. Thank You for that.
    Great video, passing it on to Dad.

  2. Great video. Gotta love those Tomcat bubbas.