Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fun in the snow


Everything is harder in the winter.

Mom decided to take her recyclables to town this afternoon. It's an eight mile round trip, a matter of a few minutes most of the time.

But not today. Light snow, bone chilling cold, and north wind produced a hard little snow drift on the south side of county road 28. A little-bitty drift, 10 feet wide and 50 feet long and no more than 8 inches deep.

Not really worthy of the name snow drift. But it was enough to mire mom's hybrid Avalon.
Wasn't this bad. Wickimedia commons. 
Wasn't this bad either. Wickimedia commons.
Or even this bad. Wikimedia commons.

Fortunately she had her cell phone with her. She doesn't always carry it, but did today.

It only took me 10 minutes to respond, and another 15 to get her car pulled out. Five more minutes to see her safely home.

Of course I broke one of the suspension rods on her car. I thought I'd hooked to the more solid strut but in the dark of early evening and with fogged up barfocals (when they fog up my vision is as clear as if I've been sitting in a bar swilling beer for hours) I hooked to the flimsy rod instead. Pop!
Like this, only broken.

Oh well, what's a few Benjamins?

Everything is harder in the winter.

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