Saturday, January 17, 2015

Naval aviation road trip music circa 1984

Well, Sarge did it again. He wrote about an Air Force road trip, which caused me to recall a navy road trip. Which I'm afraid I'm going to have to write about. But not today. I have a full plate of WOTB on the schedule and I can't avoid it. It's the price of profitability.


The wayback machine demands feeding, so here's a baker's dozen vids reflecting some of the music me an' my runnin' mates listened to as we drove from sea to shining Reno.


  1. Courtney Cox sure looks young in that Springsteen video!

    1. Oh, CRUSHED!
      I had always assumed that was just some teenybopper who got a major thrill and then went on to a real life. I'd say she hasn't aged well, but that would be snarky and mean.

    2. Not to mention the pot calling the kettle black...

  2. Some fine music there.

    I didn't mention in my post that in a fit of financial prudence (read "being cheap") I did not purchase a radio for the Jetta when I bought it.

    Save money they said, it will be fine they said.

    Yup, I must have knocked those monthly payments down by a good two bucks. (Young and stupid I was.)