Thursday, January 8, 2015

International combat dining

These videos are a lot of fun. Kiwi Dude is quite a good presenter, and his "boss" is charming.

Been a crazy week on the ranch so far. With two full days devoted to a ranching conference, undone chores have piled up. I hate that. I also have to be reappointed as County Veterans Service Officer. I won't say more about that for a while as I'm a bit cross about some of it.

At any rate, who's up for some inhaltsverseichnis und zubereitungsanweisung inliegend versorgungsnummer?


  1. You've got to see the one where he tries a 1983 vintage chicken ala king. Priceless!

  2. I have watched his videos before, and he is a hoot. I'm stocked up on MREs thanks to the devil doc grandson, look'n out for his Granny.